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BMW i325 - Gas / Brake Extenders - GX0318 / BX4518

BMW i325 - Gas / Brake Extenders - GX0318 / BX4518


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GX0318 Gas Extender is made for vehicles with a (vertical gas pedal) that's attached to the floor. It has a special base block holding 4 j-bolts to attach securely about the gas pedal. The rubber pad pivots to the needed angle needed for the foot to press.

BX4518 Brake Extender will use large j-bolts to hook around the large metal brake plate. Jason wears a large shoe, so a smaller rubber pad was used.

Jason is 4 ft 6 in tall with a 18/19 inch inseam and wears a size 7/8 shoe. He prefers to sit back in the seat, be conformable and enjoy driving. It's very important to sit away from the steering 12 to 18 inches if possible.